Leather Shoe care guide


01. Do not turn down your shoes.

Inside of the back counter, there is reinforcement. It allows shoes to be in a certain shape but once it is strongly bent, it cannot be recovered as new.

02. Place a given paper when you are not wearing.

It helps to sustain the shape of the shoes and it absorbs moisture that is left inside of the shoes after wear. Please try to avoid using random shoetrees that are not provided or produced officially on that brand. it can distort original shape of the shoes.

03. Bend your shoes downward after.

It prevents shoe toe from lifting. Because of the way that human walks, it is irresistible for people to walk without giving impact on lifting shoe toes. If the shoes are left out without giving any care, it accelerates shoes’ distortion. To prevent this, bending once or twice toward reverse way from walking can delay distortion. 

04. Give your shoes a day off.

Our shoes are made out of all nature materials that they need time to recover. While they are in use, you continuously give heat, pressure and moisture to the shoes. The longer these elements are given to the shoes the shorter the shoes will lasts. By giving your shoes a day off, it will extend the life of your shoes at least three times.

05. Do not wash your shoes.

All leathers are not washable. If you machine wash or soak sneakers into the water to wash out dirts on your shoes, it might harden your shoe leather. When shoes get dirty, use different methods for different parts of the shoes. For the rubber part, use wet tissue or wet cloth to wipe out dirts.

06. Do not store your shoes in a shoe box.

If you store shoes in a shoebox for a long period of time, it gives higher chance of trapping heat and moisture in side of the shoebox and that could give negative effect on your shoes. The heat and moisture damages your shoes especially in a humid climate like rainy season of the summer.

07. Please control temperature and humidity of your room.

It prevents distortion of the shoes.

08. Please use a dry cloth to clean them.

Try not to use leather cream onto the leather. It might make leather too shiny for sneakers. For white leathers, in most cases of white leathers are coated so that use of wet cloth does not cause signature problem. Therefore, use wet cloth to clean certain parts and use dry cloth to finish up.

09. Please use a suede brush to clean them.

In case of suede leather, use suede erasers to clean particular part and use brush lightly to settle the surface. For general plane leather, use dry cloth to clean the surface.