Water repellent_Calf Suede


In terms of quality, we have to give sincere care in choosing the consisting materials of sneakers. Leathers, Sole, Threads, Laces and Etc. Among these materials, probably, leathers are the most visible factor. As they are exposed to outside that there is possibility to get damages from water, food, people and other circumstances. Suede leathers are known as a weak materials from the outer damages which includes water and dusts but they are very strong against scratches and creases. 

The most common problem that makes people to keep distance from the suede material is its vulnerability. To resolve this core aspect of suede, water resisting suede is being founded. Our suede leather tannery is founded in 1823. Since then, they are mainly focused on producing great calf suedes. It is a family corporation which continued about two hundred years. They do not only respect the traditions but also they make progress to achieve a greater good.

We would like to honor and thank for what they have given us, what they have kept and what they have made.

The thickness of the leather is between 1.0mm to 1.4mm. They are waterproof calf skin. It is easy to clean and hard to catch dusts and water. They come in two colors for this fall. Stone grey and sand.

Please remember it is not rain boots!