'dedication to the essence'

Made in Italy with the highest quality materials.

minimum design elements, minimal classic sneakers.

Every day we look on people passing by. Today’s fashion changes rapidly. The new design comes out, being sold and consumed each season. This speed creates trends and past season items are being left out and often being forgotten from one’s memory. Shoes piled up in a shoe shelf represent our fashion industry. People only wear what they always wear. The fashion industry produces a mass amount of garbage every year. This waste creates pollution and wastewater. Thus it destroys the natural environment. Eco-friendly life is not limited to a special act. Actually, it is very close to us. True rational consumption is purchasing the right product and enjoying it for a long time.

Human is not designed to be satisfied completely by the low-quality product. We believe everyone should have the right to pursue and enjoy the best. Fashion exists only for us. We do not exist for fashion. When we wear shoes, the focus must be on you, not the shoes. We believe our shoes will shine you and be faded within you.

immaterial is a sneaker brand that thoroughly focuses on a suitable and sustainable design that does not depreciate the look of any kind. We don't have seasonal markdown in all four seasons of the year. We believe that all the customers should buy our shoes at the same price any time, anywhere and any circumstances. The idea of not having seasonal markdown is not only due to our pride in our shoes in all aspects such as quality, design and of course its timelessness. We believe true value does not depreciated by time. The value actually rises. immaterial seeks true value.

'save what we (already) have'

Immaterial is a low_top sneakers brand founded by a New York-based architect. From 2005 to 2015, the director of immaterial studied in New York and majored in architecture. There was one thing that gave him a big consolation was buying shoes at Fifth Ave. while he studies in a foreign country. Like that, he collected over 200 shoes. The price of the shoes ranged from 40 to 3000 dollars and so-called luxury shoes between 400 to 800 dollars were the most. He tried many shoes from well-known brands but there were no shoes that really captured his mind. Not a single pair of shoes were perfect for him. The resulting brand is immaterial.

As a brand, we want to stand for our value on what we think it is good for our life and our environment. We make a voice to protect nature and to promote human rights. We respect the history of shoemaking and artisans. We try our best to protect the tradition of shoemaking which has been passed down through generations. We will try to make the best possible.

We stand for people who think differently than others, who seek different things than others, who do not care about how the majority of people think. Rather reject common things and choose their own uniquity. This is because we believe they are the ones who make things different.

Our shoes are to obtain intangible value through the genuine value of materiality and the traditional craftsmanship which contains our small hope for people to have mental comfort. We want to do something that will reaffirm your intangible value through our tangible products of immaterial with the value of our intangible effort and time. If there is only a pair of shoes in this world that can be worn, we hope that will be immaterial.